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11 July 2005

New foundation launched to fund documentaries

The Channel 4 British documentary film foundation has just been launched. The foundation is supported by Channel 4 and has at least £500,000 a year to give to filmmakers to make the sorts of documentaries that fall outside the British TV system.

It will be open to British filmmakers based anywhere and filmmakers from anywhere based in Britain (they will also be taking submissions from Ireland). The foundation will award bursaries between £3,000 and £100,000 on a rolling basis.

The foundation will fund everything from short films, particularly by new filmmakers, feature-length projects with the potential to break through, experimental films, passion projects by established filmmakers, documentaries by artists from other mediums such as photography or art through to ambitious development projects. They will fund at every stage - development, production and completion - and can help you to get the other funding you need, as well as training and mentoring - and can help you get your film out there once it is made.

The foundation is not yet open for funding applications, but you can register your interest and will be sent details as soon as they are open for submissions.

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