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15 May 2005

Kicking off the site

Hi, welcome to this blog. This site will be of interest to anyone who watches or makes short films, particularly if you are UK-based. I'll be using this site to post reviews of short films, useful or interesting links, and to discuss my own experiences in making short films. Enjoy!

Stuart Reid
Black Mole Productions Limited


Blogger Lloyd said...

This is great - well done. I'm telling all (2) of my friends in the film industry to come see your site.

You already managed to start a post with "So..." but somehow I don't think that's in "Fit to Print".

I'm subscribed.

25/5/05 14:44

Blogger Stuart Reid said...

Hi Lloyd - good to have you as a subscriber.

Yeah, it hurt like hell the first time I broke the Audit Commission's house style, but each time I do it it hurts a little less.

Now if I can only work out why Blogger thinks I'm posting 8 hours earlier than I really am...


25/5/05 15:26

Blogger Stuart Reid said...

OK, so the preview bit of Blogger is obviously 8 hours behind the site itself...

25/5/05 15:28


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