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25 May 2005

Super Shorts Film Festival 2005

The UK festival for films under 5 minutes is now inviting entries. Super Shorts Film Festival 2005 will be showing the selected films in cinemas and on screens around central London, either in mini-cinemas or venues suitable for screening films. The aim is allow audiences to drop into venues, whether planned or by chance, during a lunch break, before/after work, and screenings are expected to be free of charge.

Following that, films will be shown on the UK's only not-for-profit TV channel (the Community Channel), and then on the web.

The festival has a great little website, including some cracking films from previous years (in particular see Big Career, How to tell when a relationship is over in 90 seconds, Le Cheval: 2.1, and The divorce). There are also some helpful interviews with the makers of some of these films.

There is no charge for entries, which must be in by 22 July 2005.

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